Available Properties

The Economic Development Department is pleased to offer a listing of some of the available land and buildings in Strongsville (in menu at left). The list is not necessarily comprehensive.
For information on business development in Strongsville, contact Economic Development Director Brent Painter at (440) 580-3118 or brent.painter@strongsville.org.
ImageDetailsTypeLotTotal Areaproperty_type_hfiltertransaction_type_hfilter
Foltz Parkway Strongsville, OH 44149For Sale145 AClandfor-sale
Royalton Road & W 130th StreetFor Sale1.5 AC1.5 AClandfor-sale
14427 PEARL ROADFor Salebuildingfor-sale
Drake Rd & Prospect RdFor Sale20 AClandfor-sale
Rt. 82For Sale11.61 AC11.61 AClandfor-sale
Commerce ParkwayFor Sale45.2 AC45.2 AClandfor-sale
10590 Pearl RoadFor Sale2.47 AClandfor-sale
Pearl Road & Rockglen DriveFor Sale19.6 AClandfor-sale
16939 Pearl RoadFor Sale5.25 AC5.25 AClandfor-sale
Northwest Corner of Drake & Prospect RoadFor Sale2.03 AC2.03 AClandfor-sale
9147 Pearl RoadFor Sale11.89 AClandfor-sale
Imperial ParkwayFor Sale9 AClandfor-sale
Marks RoadFor Sale42 AClandfor-sale
9197 Pearl RoadFor Sale5.2 AClandfor-sale
Corner of Foltz Parkway & Stelfast DriveFor Sale3.2 AC3.2 AClandfor-sale
Stelfast DriveFor Sale11.5 AC11.5 AClandfor-sale
1 Drake RoadFor Sale2 AC2 AClandfor-sale
Corner of Prospect & Drake RoadFor Sale22.4 AC22.4 AClandfor-sale
Corner of Boston & Pearl RoadFor Sale4.74 AC4.74 AClandfor-sale
8422 Pearl RoadFor Sale1.87 AC1.87 ACbuilding landfor-sale
Alameda DriveFor Sale4.28 AC4.28 AClandfor-sale
9175 Pearl RoadFor Lease0.93 AC0.93 AClandfor-lease
9032 Pearl RoadFor Lease, For Sale0.93 AC0.93 AClandfor-lease for-sale
8721 Pearl RoadFor Sale0.68 AC0.68 ACbuilding landfor-sale
18268 Pearl RoadFor Sale0.96 AC0.96 AClandfor-sale
17382 Foltz ParkwayFor Sale5 AC5 AClandfor-sale
13672 Royalton RoadFor Sale0.74 AC0.74 AClandfor-sale
13570 Falling Water RoadFor Sale5.25 acres5.25 acreslandfor-sale
10968 Pearl RoadFor Lease, For Sale0.75 AC0.75 AClandfor-lease for-sale
Corner of W.130th & AlbionFor Sale0.5 AC0.5 AClandfor-sale
11925 Pearl RoadFor LeaseN/A1,400 SFbuildingfor-lease
14780 Pearl RoadFor Lease1.33,600 SFbuildingfor-lease
Plaza at SouthparkFor LeaseN/A3,000 SFbuildingfor-lease
17100 Royalton RoadFor LeaseN/A10,772 SFbuildingfor-lease
10883 Pearl RoadFor LeaseN/A19,372 SFbuildingfor-lease
19676-19680 West 130th StreetFor Lease1.50 AC11,436 SFbuildingfor-lease
19784-19844 West 130th StreetFor Lease1.50 AC31,100 SFbuildingfor-lease
13477 ProspectFor Lease1.7 AC1,700 SFbuildingfor-lease
15885 West Sprague RoadFor LeaseN/A114,000 SFbuildingfor-lease
21500 Drake RoadFor Lease, For Sale3.11 acres1,200 SFbuildingfor-lease for-sale
17295 Foltz ParkwayFor Lease, For SaleN/A8,597 SFbuildingfor-lease for-sale
16065 Imperial ParkwayFor Lease6.32 AC108,739 SFbuildingfor-lease
14610 Pearl RoadFor LeaseN/A1,800 SFbuildingfor-lease
13500 Pearl RoadFor Lease2.01 AC3,150 SFbuildingfor-lease
8293 Dow CircleFor Lease, For Sale3.0019,316 SFbuildingfor-lease for-sale
20365 Progress DriveFor Lease3.82 AC13,000 SFbuildingfor-lease
19511 Progress DriveFor Lease1.21 AC3,702 SFbuildingfor-lease
17534 Royalton RoadFor LeaseN/A1,000 SFbuildingfor-lease
16855 Foltz ParkwayFor LeaseN/A700 SFbuildingfor-lease
14720 Foltz ParkwayFor Lease10.84 Acre111,191 SFbuildingfor-lease
14488 Pearl RoadFor LeaseN/A5,500buildingfor-lease
12930 Darice ParkwayFor Lease7.68 acres38,150 SFbuildingfor-lease
11115 Prospect RoadFor LeaseN/A1,800 SFbuildingfor-lease
11873 Prospect RoadFor Lease, For SaleN/A4,410buildingfor-lease for-sale
12200 Alameda DriveFor LeaseN/A86,132 SFbuildingfor-lease