Business Directory

Here is a list of the companies that participated in the 2019 Strongsville Community Business Expo. The list includes a company description and a link to their website. We appreciate the involvement of each of these businesses within the community.


At Scramblers, the restaurant business is a family affair. It all started when, in the late 1980s, patriarch Philip Buerk and his son Shain saw a need for a concept that was unthinkable by most of the foodservice industry. While most restaurants were positioning themselves to be as broad as possible in their menu and target market, this father and son team saw the unique advantages of specialization. By limiting their hours and becoming experts at just one segment, they created a new restaurant concept that was so good at breakfast and lunch that they could close the doors in the middle of the afternoon and leave dinner to somebody else.

Scramblers is true to its values and continue to aspire to delight every guest by impressing them with unique breakfast and lunch recipes, and attentive, friendly service in a clean, dynamic, and comfortable environment.