Business Directory

Here is a list of the companies that participated in the 2019 Strongsville Community Business Expo. The list includes a company description and a link to their website. We appreciate the involvement of each of these businesses within the community.

Strongsville Fire Department

Our mission is to protect the lives, property, and environment of the people who live, work, and travel in Strongsville.  We do this by being an all-hazards emergency response agency. We are responsible for emergency medical services, fire suppression, hazardous materials mitigation, and technical rescue intervention. In addition to emergency response, we also perform a variety of non-emergency activities. The Department is responsible for fire prevention and fire investigations, community-wide emergency management, and public education including CPR, first aid, and fire extinguisher training.

We strive for excellence, but we realize that sometimes we fail to meet your expectations.  If we miss the mark, we want to know about it so we can correct the issue. Our goal is to always provide quality services by delivering it professionally, competently, and compassionately. Please feel free to contact me if I can ever be of any assistance.

Emergency Dispatcher: 911 or 440-238-7333
Non-emergency (offices): 440-580-3210
Fire Prevention: 440-580-3225