Tax Incentives

The City of Strongsville has various tax incentive programs available.

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Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign-trade zones (FTZ) were created by Congress in 1934 to stimulate economic growth and development in the United States. The FTZ program was designed to promote American competitiveness by encouraging companies to maintain and expand their operations in the United States. The FTZ program encourages businesses to locate in the United States by removing various disincentives commonly encountered. Under the program, companies may reduce, defer or eliminate Customs duties on imported parts, materials or components entered into the zone.

A Foreign Trade Zone has been defined within the City of Strongsville and can be adjusted to incorporate additional projects.

Strongsville Job/Payroll Creation Incentive Grant Program

The City of Strongsville has established a Job/Payroll Creation Incentive Program that offers annual grants based on withholding percentages to eligible projects that create new, full-time jobs and generate significant new payroll.

Limited Enterprise Zone

The city also has a Limited Enterprise Zone and, therefore, can offer limited real estate tax incentives. Tax incentive is limited to resident and new companies qualifying under the state program. We will be happy to work with you and negotiate a fair project for you and the City of Strongsville.

Pre-1994 Community Reinvestment Areas (CRAS)

Strongsville currently has nineteen (19) Pre-1994 Community Reinvestment Areas  established for its Tax Abatement Program.
All industrial zoned land in the city is a part of a Community Reinvestment Area Incentive.  This means that eligible companies may receive real property tax abatement on the real estate improvement, upon application, for a term of up to fifteen years based on 100% of the real estate improvements actually made at the site.